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I’m Trixie, and I *love* pretty nightgowns, so I made this site to devote special attention to the sweet softcore tease of the seductive (yet now-old-fashioned) sleeping, lounging, homemaking, and luxuriating bedroom-wear.

The more modest, practical or demure a nightgown is, the more erotic potential it has for me. When a woman wears a long or loose-fitting nightgown it’s so much sexier than full nudity . . . and so much more taboo than if she were wearing something deliberately designed to be enticing.

I feel extremely aware of my generous natural breasts and the way they jiggle underneath the loose puffy gathers of a sweet Eileen West nighty. I love the way the smell of my body like sweet dough and private sweat seeps into the cotton. I’m aroused by the gentle touch of the fabric tenting out around me but swishing next to my naked body hidden underneath a long nightgown’s folds.

:: sigh :: Do you feel as I do? If so, I hope you’ll enjoy this site with me! 🙂 ~Trixie

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About Me

AGE: 40+
HEIGHT: barely 5'3"
EYES: blue
LOCATION: Pacific Northwest
JOB: full-time WebWhore, double-time dork
MARRIED: to Delia
POSITION: Pillow Queen 😉
UNIFORM: bedclothes
HAIRSTYLE: bedhead!

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Pretty Nightgowns Blog:

Here’s where I post pics, news & fetish-y thoughts about NIGHTGOWNS!

Please remember this site is for ADULTS – there is some nudity & sexual content.

EXPLICIT XXX: Enjoying Myself in Sleeveless Cotton Nighty

EXPLICIT XXX: Enjoying Myself in Sleeveless Cotton Nighty

Enjoying a leisurely, pleasurable time in the bathroom with myself (and a mystery guest) in a pretty Eileen West nightgown: Want to see a big-breasted blonde woman in a modest nightie and sheer panties go to the bathroom & get distracted with a vibrator and a cock...
“When I Get Married”

“When I Get Married”

Oooh, I want this! “Shadowline Silhouette Peignoir Set includes a long elegant purple nightgown with soft stretch lace at the bodice and silky Satintrique® nylon in the flowing nylon skirt with a matching long-sleeve robe . . . . Enjoy this elegant Silhouette...